The pigment crossroads!  

For your convenience we categorised the pigments. Categories are based on typical weathering scenarios. Please choose a pigment category to review the colours more easily. 

Spot-on European earth colours
VMS EU earth list

This is very elaborate pigment category that comprises European light/white soils - albeluvisoils, brown soils and dark soils known as chernozems. VMS earth colours come in warm and cold hues. Please click the photo on the left to browse the category. 

Spot-on accurate sand colours
VMS Sands list

This category comprises diverse sand colours. Appropriate for Europe, Africa and middle east scenarios. Sand is mostly a mixture of quartz and various soils. Reproducing it is always tricky as your usual pigments are either to bright or contain too much yellow. Spot-on sands combine shades of yellow, brown and grey for a realistic result! Please click the photo on the left to browse the category. 

Spot-on safe red earth colours
VMS Red earth list

This category comprises all new colours of Asian, American and Australian soils. With these pigments your Vietnam and Korea projects can't go wrong. These toned down, up to scale red soils will look awesome on iconic U.S vehicles such as M-113 transporter,  M-48 Patton MBT, M-24 Chaffee light tank, M-706 Armoured car or airborne M-551 Sheridan tank. Vehicles of NVA such as PT-76 or T54/55 will obviously benefit as well.  Please click the photo on the left to browse the category. 

Spot-on rust colours
VMS Rusts list

This category comprises very realistic rust colours and is devoid of failed straight reds that botched many a model in the past. You will rusts at different stages of development here, from fresh bright orange to aged dark brown. Great for mufflers, chains, localised corrosion, decommissioned, post-apocalyptic and junk yard vehicles. Please click the photo on the left to browse the category.   

Spot-on tracks colours
VMS Tracks list

Accurate deep track colours. Choose from among colours suited for both modern and WWII vehicles. Category comprises colours for frequently used tracks, tracks used in harsh conditions for longer periods of time and decommissioned vehicles, not just AFVs but also dozers.Please click the photo on the left to browse the category. 

Spot-on RAL 3009 primer colours
VMS Primers list

Accurate red primer shades for your prototype and experimental vehicles such as German "E" (Enwicklungsfahrzeuge) series of tanks and assault guns. Other than that great for railroad carts, cargo containers and installations such as bridges or even simple fire hydrants! This pigment is great for any late war and industrial scenario.  Please click the photo on the left to browse the category. 

Spot-on dedicated burnt armour colours
VMS Wrecks list

Two special colours! When used in conjunction they produce additional reddish tones of burnt armour. You decide the final outcome. Either more or less vibrant, in any case your will end up modelling a very accurate wreck! Please click the photo on the left to browse the category. 

Spot-on dedicated mixing, universal and special purpose colours
VMS Mixing colours list

Dedicated mixing colours for those of us who like to create their own colours more easily + special purpose pigments. Please click the photo on the left to browse the category. 


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