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Terrain formation products and auxiliaries that will make your diorama stand out. Realistic, up to scale, versatile and cost-effective just the thing you need to quickly whip up your dream base. 

Smart Mud XL

SMART MUD XL is highly cost effective and very versatile product bundle for terrain formation. To start simply mix equal parts of SMART MUD XL pigmented resin with bundled SMART MUD XL texture pour a few drops of activator and a fresh batch of realistic mud is ready! This DIY product is much more resistant to ageing than pre-made pastes and can be stored longer without the danger of caking. Please click the photo for a more detailed description. 

Available textures: OPTI-TEX: regulated with bundled activator fluid

Finish: Each bundle can deliver wet, damp and dry finishes

Recommended techniques: brush and artist's spatula

Combine with: Pigment Expert binders, Spot-on pigments

Available volumes: 2 x 180 ml (effective 360 ml)

Sand & Ballast Freeze

Sand & Ballast Freeze is capillary action acrylic adhesive with very low surface tension formulated to bond loose material such as sand, gravel, rubble or ballast. Allows for bonding together very tiny, even micronised grains, without disrupting the structures they are forming, tested with both fine 40 µm sands (0,04 mm) and coarse gravel up to several millimetres in diameter. Saturated terrain, can be further shaped after application. Making foot prints, dunes, tire or track prints in wet structures is easier than before! Please click the photo for a more detailed description. 

Recommended techniques: Capillary action with dropper bottle or brush

Combine with: Sand, Ballast, Gravel etc.


Available volumes:  50 ml

Crystal PVA adhesive

PVA is a classic way of gluing all kinds of materials on a diorama base. PVA is good when you need to affix and position a lot of objects and using a CA glue would be wasteful. PVA dries slowly allowing for a lot of manipulation so that you can plan the layout of your base on the fly. Appropriate for materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, minerals. VMS PVA has improved formula and dries two times faster than old school PVA you might have used and what's more important the joint is much less milky! Please click the photo for a more detailed description. 

Available textures: N/A

Finish: translucent

Recommended techniques: apply with brush

Combine with: wood, paper, cardboard, stone, sand, plaster, fabric

Available volumes: 100 ml bottle

Fast drying, transparent bond