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Full User Cookie Notice:

Why are we using cookies?


We use cookies to  remember users' actions, identify users, and collect traffic information. Cookies are essential to enhancing the performance of the website. 


Who controls/accesses the cookie‑related information?


Website engine (WIX) and third‑party applications (Google, Facebook). Cookies will not be used for any purpose other than the ones stated.


What are cookies?


Cookies are small text files (typically made up of letters and numbers) placed in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a website or view a message. Cookies allow a website to recognise a particular device or browser. 


What kind of cookies is VMS site using?


Our site uses the following types of cookies:


  • Session cookies expire at the end of your browser session and allow us to link your actions during that particular browser session,

  • Persistent cookies are stored on your device in between browser sessions, allowing us to remember your preferences or actions across multiple sites,

  • First-party cookies which are set by the web server of the visited page and share the same domain,

  • Third-party cookies stored by a different domain to the visited page's domain. This can happen when the webpage references a file, such as JavaScript, located outside its domain.


Do you collect personal information via cookies?


No, no personal information is obtained or stored by the use of cookies at VMS site. 


Disabling cookies.


You may disable cookies at any time by accessing your internet browser's preferences and deleting the cookie files from the hard drive. Disabling cookies may hinder the site's performance. Users can withdraw consent by contacting the site administrator at

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