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A great new way to affix loose materials on your diorama!

Dealing with loose materials easier then ever! Simply form your structures from sand, gravel, ballast or gravel and then saturate them with this capillary action adhesive using supplied dropper bottle. Shapes are intact and natural, glue itself is 100% invisible once dry. You can spray a finished structure afterwards or leave it in it's original colour.  

VMS Sand Ballast freeze fixer
VMS Sand Gravel fixer
VMS Sand Gravel freeze fixer
VMS Sand Balast fixer

With Sand & Ballast Freeze you will be able to make dioramas in a complete new way. City ruins, industrial sites, railways, sandy and rocky beaches will look better than ever!

VMS Sand & Ballast Freeze
VMS Sand & Ballast Freeze
VMS Sand & Ballast Freeze
VMS Sand & Ballast Freeze

You can fix virtually any kind of loose material. You can leave it in it's original colour or airbrush over like we did with the sand to the right. 

Capillary action acrylic adhesive

Sand & Ballast Freeze has very low surface tension and penetrates a loose material heap very easily not disturbing it. The glue dries to to a crystal-clear invisible film and can bond micronised sands and coarse gravel alike! Application with bundled dropper bottle is very enjoyable and easy, whenever you run out of glue you can easily refill the bottle with more capillary action goodness!

Sand & Ballast Freeze PRODUCT SUMMARY

Sand & Ballast Freeze is capillary action acrylic adhesive with very low surface tension formulated to bond loose material such as sand, gravel, rubble or ballast. Allows for bonding together very tiny, even micronised grains, without disrupting the structures they are forming, tested with both fine 40 µm sands (0,04 mm) and coarse gravel up to several millimetres in diameter. Saturated terrain, can be further shaped after application. Making foot prints, dunes, tire or track prints in wet structures is easier than before!  IMPORTANT: The product is susceptible to low temperatures and mustn't be frozen! Store and handle in room temperature.

Recommended techniques: Capillary action with dropper bottle or brush

Available volumes: 30 ml

See Sand & Ballast Freeze in action!
Product FAQ

How much terrain will I be able to model?


Effectiveness the product is high. You will be able to fully saturate 1150 cm² of terrain (equivalent of a 33 x 33 cm diorama, layer 0.5 cm thick )


How long does it take for the adhesive to bond?


Depending on structure thickness allow 12 h for thin layers (0.5-1 cm thick) and up to 48 h for thicker structures.


What is the open time of the product?


Depending on ambient temperature and materials used saturated material can be manipulated for 60 - 120 minutes. 


What tools to use?


Use supplied dropper bottle to easily apply the adhesive. Hold the spout very closely to your terrain, squeeze it very gently and saturate it with adhesive so as to avoid the "rain drop" effect. Drops will slide from the spout and penetrate the structure. 


How to make imprints such as tank track or tire marks?


You can make imprints around 30 - 45 minutes after application, no special technique needs to be involved. Best imprints can be made in fine sands.


What's the minimum and maximum grain size I can fix?  


Sand & Ballast Freeze is very well balanced. We have tested the product extensively with both fine sands 40 µm (0.04 mm) and coarse gravels 2-8 mm, with bigger stones mixed in. 


I overdosed the adhesive and the glue is bleeding at the base of my structures. 


That's no biggie, simply sprinkle more sand or gravel over the excessive glue.  

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