Paper Shaper:  Make detachable  canvas, tarps, rags and more!

With paper shaper you will be able to create all kinds of accessories for your vehicle using plain paper! Created objects can be separated from the model for easy painting and the liquid doesn't stain the model as much as generic paper media! 









Create custom vehicle accessories that can be detached and fit other parts as if they were Lego blocks!

Paper Shaper

Paper Shaper is a great alternative to classic adhesives when it comes to working with paper. It will allow you to instantly soak and precisely shape paper and similar materials without the danger of tearing them. Being reversible VMS Paper Shaper also allows you to create detachable objects which can make painting easier! Make canvas covers, tarps, masking nets even capes and flags in the wind! Product is fully reversible with VMS Clean Slate. 

Combine with: Paper

Recommended techniques: Brush

Available volumes: 50 ml dropper bottle

See Paper Shaper in action!
Product FAQ

How to proceed with Paper Shaper?

Pour some fluid in a receptacle and dip the paper in it as you do with decals. Flip the sheet so that it's soaked well. Place the paper over the target area and start moulding it. Use your fingers initially, switch to the brush as you progress with your work. 

Once the paper is dry you may paint over the entire model the usual way. If you want a detachable canvas or tarp you will need to reactivate dry paper with Clean Slate remover – soak for minimum 30 minutes – thicker creations will need 1h. Once soaked the creation may be separated from the target area. Separated creation needs to dry and it's a good idea to give it a few coats of acrylic resin before painting – resin will hide any irregularities such as stray paper fibres which may elude you prior painting. You may use high solids VMS Acrylic Binders (structuring type) for quick results – 2 to 3 coats are fine for a nice smooth look. The resin must be airbrushed not brushed! Please refer to the video tutorial to see how it's done. 

What kinds of paper can I shape?

Virtually all kinds of paper out there also other materials like fabrics, fibres, gauze (to make masking nets) etc. Please note, all types of paper have their kinks. For instance tissue paper shapes very easily but when painted exhibits irregular surface which may be undesired in most scenarios. Rule of thumb: the thicker the paper the more time it takes to shape it and the higher the risk of bad result. We recommend using thin paper grades (around 50 grammes) for best results. If fine papers is unavailable to you we recommend trying our tested and cost effective WFU modelling paper. This kind of paper shapes quite as easily as tissue paper but has nice and clean clean surface when dry similar to not so flexible copy paper. Feel free to experiment with different kinds of paper to find a sweet spot for your application. 

Paper sticks to fingers and tears in the process, how to avoid this?

If your finger stick to paper simply wet them with the fluid – paper will be intact. Use finger only initially, switch to the brush as you progress with your work. 

There is dry fluid residue over the model.

Use VMS Clean Slate to easily remove the stains without any damage to plastic. 

I poked pin holes in the paper while shaping it but I still want to use the resulting paper creation.


You can fill the holes using VMS Acrylic Binders (structuring type). 



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