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Product details
VMS Stain Remove 20 ml

This one of a kind paint surface cleaner will help you remove and retouch bad or excessive enamel-based weathering and all kind of pigment staining off of the surface of your model restoring its original base coat color. You can use it both to fix problems and create special effects. This product removes pigment staining. Pigment staining is hard to remove pigment incorporated into the paint surface, this is not a paint remover. Dry pigment stains can be removed without any preparation. If you need to remove bad weathering created with enamel weathering liquids and fixers you can remove them but first you need to remove the binders with Universal weathering carrier "standard" type. Once this is done you can use VMS Stain Remove to clean the paint surface. Please watch our video to learn how to use the product. CLICK TO SEE FULL PRESENTATION


VMS Stain Remove 20 ml


Your item will be shipped by registered mail with tracking number. Bigger orders are automatically upgraded to GLOBAL Express service. Delivery times are betwen 5-10 business days for Europe and North America, 10-15 days for Australia, South America and Asia

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