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Product details
Diorama Texture No. 10 Smooth Fine Light Sand 100 ml

This is the finest, premium, light grey sand powder that will form very authentic, up to scale terrain with beautiful even texture. Any good base requires super fine, medium and coarse texturing materials. Mix with our bigger particle sized materials for added variety and authenticity. Fix using VMS Sand and ballast freeze or VMS PVA glue. Paint over to change the tone to any one you like. Particle size: 0.001 - 0.14 mm. 

Diorama Texture No. 10 Smooth Fine Light Sand 100 ml


Your item will be shipped by registered mail with tracking number. Bigger orders are automatically upgraded to GLOBAL Express service. Delivery times are betwen 5-10 business days for Europe and North America, 10-15 days for Australia, South America and Asia

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