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Paint ends up   only where it's supposed to!

Liquid mask is a classic way of selective paint application. This special purpose liquid can be applied on both bare and painted plastics, the protective film it forms is very easily removed leaving the area nice and clean. 

VMS model liquid mask
VMS model liquid mask



VMS model liquid mask
VMS model liquid mask



Liquid Mask is an easy way to protect all kind of areas during spraying!

Cover it up!

Easily applied and fully safe for any base coat. The masking liquid dries quickly to an easily removed film and is helpful whenever masking tape gives in due to complex shapes or small details. 

See Liquid Mask in action!
LIQUID MASK 2022.png

Classic product for protecting parts of your model while painting. Can be applied on both enamel and acrylic coat without causing damage. After painting simply peel the film off. IMPORTANT: The product is susceptible to low temperatures and mustn't be frozen! Store and handle in room temperature.

Combine with: Aux product.

Recommended techniques: Brush

Available volumes: 30 ml dropper bottle

Protect from Freezing.png
Product FAQ

How long does it take for the masking liquid to form the protective film?


The liquid needs from 15 to 30 minutes to dry, this depends on a coat's thickness. When the initially creamy white coat turns translucent you are good to go. 


Can I apply the liquid over an acrylic or enamel paint job?


Yes, the film formed is 100% safe to an underlying coat and can be removed with ease later on. 


How long can the mask stay on my model?


The masking fluid should be removed within 48h after application. 


How to clean my brush after using the liquid?


Clean the brush while the liquid is still wet with a cloth or paper towel and tap water. Any dried up residue can be removed mechanically, use your hobby knife to "comb" through the bristle and get rid of the remains. We advise using cheap nylon brushes, not expensive natural ones.  

What is the shelf life of the product?

The shelf life minimum is 12 months, longer if stored in cool and dark place. Don't store in temperatures below 5 °C or in direct sunlight! In case of product in use we shelf life is shortened. To prolong shelf life we we recommend closing the bottle as soon as possible so that the solvent is not evaporating while the bottle is sitting opened on the work bench. 

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