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Quality meets quantity, no more thinner shortages! 

Broad spectrum thinners that work great with leading acrylic brands. Big bottles of both ready-made and concentrated thinners for self formulation. Never run out of thinner again, forget common airbrushing problems like nozzle clogging, flocked surface, craters or paint running. 

Perfect base coat decides the outcome! With VMS SMART thinners you will achieve professional result without spending fortune on small bottles of airbrush thinners!

Strictly for acrylics!

Green "Acryl" icon denotes a product suited to work with water-based acrylic paints. They come in plastic dropper bottles and glass jars. This product is compatible with acrylics by Vallejo®, Humbrol®, Tamiya®, Revell®, Model Master®, Italeri® Gunze® (only H series), Pactra® and equivalents. Not suited for solvent-based acrylics (Gunze® C series) and enamels!

Airbrush Thinners 2.0 acrylic ready-made

Wide spectrum thinner for all modelling water-based acrylic paints. Formula includes levelling and homogenising agents + flow improver. Ensures viscosity optimal for airbrushing, remedies common problems such as paint running, cracking, pin-holing or "sandpaper effect" (flocked, coarse surface). Doesn't dry too fast which eliminates airbrush clogging, especially on hot days.  


Can be well used while painting with a brush - softens brush marks, and levels the coat. Paint thinned with Airbrush Thinners 2.0 won't exhibit broken pigment dispersion even if heavily diluted. Very low odour. Tested with all contemporary brands. 

Recommended techniques: Airbrush and brush

Combine with: All brands of water-based acrylics

Available volumes:30 ml dropper bottle, 200 ml refill

Airbrush Thinners 2.0 Acrylic FAQ

Manufacturer recommends their own thinner for best results, won't 3rd party thinner like this cause problems?


Not really. The warning you can see on your paint bottle is a precaution as people often experiment when it comes to paint thinning. Experiments may cause all sorts of problems with coat quality and overall painting experience. VMS Thinners were extensively tested therefore experimentation is not a case. The warning doesn't apply as we made sure that you won't experience any problems while using our thinner. Therefore you may go ahead and use VMS thinners with water-based acrylics.   

Broad spectrum thinners that can work with just any acrylic paint?


Sure they can, it is all about the right composition. Our acrylic thinner formula contains 2 functional groups - ether and alcohol to make sure it can work great with any water-based acrylics out there. 


Solvent-based acrylics? Aren't all acrylics supposed to be water-based?


Most of acrylics are water-based which makes them healthier and non flammable. Still some acrylic resin based paints like Gunze® C series for instance employ volatile solvents instead of water. These are called solvent-based acrylics and are incompatible with water-based thinners. 


There is an IFormulator icon on my thinner refill bottle, does that mean I can formulate?


Solution and concentrate share the same label. Please look at the back on the bottle and check your variant - only "concentrate" denoted products can be used for formulation. 

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