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Cost-effective, low odour cleaning agents  in big  bottles!

While creating our cleaning agents we took into account 4 factors: solvency power, comfort of use, formulation flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The result is cleaners that are more user friendly, save you money and cope with the paint as they should. 

cleaning your airbrush with cost effective airbrush cleaner for acrylics
Rinsing your airbrush with less expensive airbrush cleaner for acrylic paints

Clean tools mean better end result and great modelling experience. Now you won't have to save cleaners

as VMS products are designed for extensive work!

Strictly for acrylics!

Green "Acryl" icon denotes a product suited to work with water-based acrylic paints. They come in plastic dropper bottles and glass jars. This product is compatible with acrylics by Vallejo®, Humbrol®, Tamiya®, Revell®, Model Master®, Italeri® Gunze® (only H series), Pactra® and equivalents. Not suited for solvent-based acrylics (Gunze® C series) and enamels!

Less harmful and still get the job done!

Save more expensive airbrush thinner for painting. Clean your airbrush, brushes and other tools with just one wide-spectrum cleaner in a bottomless bottle. VMS Pro cleaners are low odour, next generation cleaning agents. We coupled high solvency power with medium evaporation rates which makes working with VMS cleaners much more comfortable as it takes much longer for Cleaners Pro to create a cloud of fumes in your workplace. Cleaners Pro don't contain acetone, MEK, toluene or similar industrial "heavies". Both you and your airbrush will feel the difference, less headache for you, less damage to washers inside your tool!

CL AC SOL 2022.png

Ready-made, low odour, water-based cleaning agent for popular acrylic paints. Copes with any kind of water-based acrylic paint, lubricates your airbrush during the cleaning process and leaves it squeaky clean. Easily rinsed with tap water. Good for fresh and old paint. Apart from your airbrush, you can obviously clean regular brushes and other tools too! Can be diluted using 1:1 ratio to yield extra product! Ultrasonic cleaner compatible. 

Recommended techniques: Cleaning product for airbrush and tools

Combine with: All brands of water-based acrylic paints

Available volumes: 200 ml bottle (can be diluted into 400 ml of economical solution)

Product FAQ

Can I clean my model with this cleaner?


Not really, the cleaner is potent and  it could damage plastic overtime. For paint stripping use dedicated paint stripper - VMS Clean Slate rmvr 2.0 which doesn't damage plastic even after prolonged contact.


Should I rinse my airbrush and tools after cleaning?


It is advised to rinse with water after cleaning is done to get rid of excessive cleaner, alternatively you may wipe inside of airbrush cup and brushes with a cloth to soak up the remaining cleaner. The cleaner will evaporate overtime anyway. 


There is an IFormulator icon on my cleaner solution bottle label. Does it mean that I can formulate just as with concentrate?


You may use our cleaning solution to formulate but the formulation ratio is locked and is 1:1. To formulate mix the solution with tap water in 1:1 ratio. Our solution is rich enough for you to do that but formulating using concentrate ratios  (1:4, 3:7 or  2:3)  will yield weak product.


Can I use this product in an ultrasonic cleaner?


Absolutely you can! The cleaner is very potent in its own right and when coupled with an ultrasonic cleaner it will work wonders! You can use the cleaner right out of the bottle or dilute it with water in 1:1 ratio to conserve the cleaning fluid. For higher capacity ultrasonic cleaners you may want to try concentrated version of cleaner which will yield more cleaning fluid. 

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