Mix & Store:  Your  supplies  in order!

There is no easier way to put your workbench in order than to employ uniform, multipurpose containers such as this. So simple yet so powerful, this PET jar with PE washer can hold powders, liquids, pastes, small plastic parts, photo-etched and spares.  

MIX & STORE the label says it all! Store custom mixes as well as small objects. 

MIX & STORE 45 ml empty jar

This empty jar is good for holding custom powders, liquids incl. paints and pastes. Apart from that you may store minute model parts during assembly. Two labels (one on cap and one wrapped around the jar) may be customised with a permanent marker. Jars are made of sturdy PET can be reused and withstand much punishment. :) 

Combine with: Aux product

Available volumes: 45 ml jar

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