Quickly fill your diorama with all kinds of objects!

Glueing a finished object to a diorama base can be tricky as we are often dealing with porous and uneven terrain. Standard CA often gives in to absorbent gravel or wood no to mention it forms a brittle bond. Flexy 5k Diorama ensures your diorama parts are glued on neatly and will stay in place even if accidentally disturbed.  

Flexy 5k diorama allows you to position all kinds of finished objects on your diorama, adhesive works well even on porous materials and the resulting flexible bond is way more durable. 

Flexible CA bond!

The glue works well on various surfaces including porous structures that absorb classic CA rendering the bond it forms weak. With Flexy 5K Diorama you can glue your objects even to tricky (absorbent) materials like plaster, gravel or wood. The resulting bond is flexible - tall objects like lampposts, trees or figures will be much less likely to separate from your diorama.  

2x longer manipulation time

Extended open time (200% the standard CA) allows for good positioning of diorama elements. Dispensed glue is "live" for over 45 minutes!

FLEXY 5K CA contact adhesive for diorama

Flexy 5K for diorama comes in handy whenever PVA is too slow and standard CA too fast or brittle. The product composition allows greater manipulation window (200% the standard CA) + the resulting bond has greater flexibility. You will be able to position the diorama elements better and more precisely without risking premature bond formation. Permanently fix figures, vehicles, foliage, rocks, bricks, debris and the like. Flexy 5K CA for diorama copes well with porous materials. 



Recommended techniques: apply with wire

Combine with: diorama objects

Available volumes: 25 gr dropper bottle



Flexy 5k DIO FAQ

What's the best techique for precise application of the glue?


Dispense a portion of the glue on a piece of styrene, glass or a metal sheet, never on cardboard as it will absorb your glue. Have a 10 cm long piece of straight brass or steel wire ready, its Ø 1-2 mm. The wire will act as your renewable glue applicator. Dip the tip of a brass or steel wire in the blob and then touch it a diorama object or the terrain itself. Bring the parts together. That's that! Now cut the tip of your applicator wire with your trusty modelling knife or better side cutters to start anew with a clean tip. Small parts can be held with tweezers and dipped in the blob without resorting to the wire. 


I have dispensed a portion of the glue as per instruction, how long till it becomes useless?


A blob of glue is good about 45 minutes after it was dispensed. It gets thicker overtime. For best results and to conserve your glue dispense smaller blobs to always have a small amount of fresh glue at your disposal. 

What's the shelf life of the glue?

Opened bottle can last 6-8 months (often longer if you take good care of it, tightly capped low storage temperature, darkness), this depends on glue variant (thinner glues can be stored for longer) and storage conditions. Unopened bottle will be good for 12-18 months depending on glue type, provided it's stored in a room temperature: around 18-20 °C, best temp. for storage is  5-15 °C. Store in a dark place, avoid direct sunlight. Can be stored in a fridge to extend shelf life but can't be frozen!